Where Do You Draw Inspiration?

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As I start to plan my next video project, a lot of different ideologies, inspirations and ideas have come to mind.  Do I stay on the sports route?  Tackle a completely different topic?  What direction should I take?  Will we show this next film in a local theater?  Do I have an audience willing to watch my next film?

All of these questions have come to mind moving forward and at first, it was all a bit overwhelming.  However, I realize that this is the challenge everyone faces when moving forward with their next project.

"What's next?"

Instead of over-analyzing and getting down on myself (sounds weird, right?), I have decided to turn to countless films, music, speakers, eras, television shows and more to draw inspiration for my next projects.  It's a big world out there with talented individuals and teams putting out amazing content and art for people to consume. 

In the age of Vimeo, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon and countless websites, stores, museums, pop-up shops off the beaten path, it's safe to say we are living in one of the most exciting cultural eras of all-time.

Into rock music?  There's an outlet for that. 

What about an 80's inspired hit television show that feels more like a Hollywood blockbuster each and every episode?  Check. 

Incredible documentaries and films?  Check. 

Music videos at your fingertips?  Yup.

It's almost overwhelming.  Wherever you look, there are new shows and stories being told.  The game has changed, folks.

So, where do you draw inspiration from?

If you're interested, here's my current list.  There's probably a lot more but I thought I'd get it started.  

  1. Stranger Things 
  2. Synthesizers (thanks Stranger Things)
  3. 80s music videos 
  4. 80s music 
  5. Classic NBA games 
  6. Jim Croce 
  7. Instrumental horror scores
  8. A Nightmare on Elm Street
  9. Crazy fonts 
  10. Stephen King
  11. Audio Books
  12. Legendary Directors 
  13. Hall and Oates 
  14. Key & Peele skits 
  15. The influx of social media 
  16. Live music - any kind 
  17. Men's fashion 
  18. Keyboards 
  19. Cinematography 
  20. Blade Runner 
  21. Wes Craven 
  22. Everything on Vimeo 
  23. Colors and tones

I'd love to see your list.  Share this on your Facebook page, shoot me an email at pkollmeier10@gmail.com or write us a post on our Facebook wall at PK Productions to share!