Welcome to PK Productions!

            Great American Building (photography by Patrick Kollmeier) 

            Great American Building (photography by Patrick Kollmeier) 

Hello and welcome to PK Productions, folks!  Wow.  It feels so good to say that.  We are officially up-and-running as an LLC here in Cincinnati and I couldn't be more excited for what the future holds.  Or, scared.  I'm pretty dang scared.  But, that's when I knew it was the right decision to make.  When excitement and fear collide, you're onto something.  Now, where was I?  Oh yes, let me tell you a little more about our new company.

So, we decided to start PK Productions due to our love and passion for all things videography and film related.  We love the process.  Kind of like Joel Embiid.  Just a whole lot smaller.  And, less talented at basketball.  

That said, we live for the creative process and all the collaboration and ideas that it brings.  Putting videos together to fit and mold storylines, while evoking emotions through film is one of our favorite things in the entire world.  Heck, I watched America's Got Talent last week and a young ventriloquist took the stage.  With the combination of an amazing performance, great camera work, flawless editing, sleek slow-motion shots and some incredible music, I began to tear up.  I couldn't help myself.  A video of a young ventriloquist (whom I don't even know) sharing her story and talents with the world, had the power to bring me to tears.  It was incredible.

But, that's the power of film.  If you combine all of the elements of videography, creativity, music, emotion, and storytelling, it is a pretty powerful medium. That's why I love it so much, and also why we are seeing so many more people and companies focusing on their video efforts.  If you can grab someone's attention with a great video, you may just get them hooked.  From documentary films to special events, engagement ceremonies, weddings, real-life remembrance videos and more, we are looking to shake things up a bit here in the video world. We want you to feel special and proud of your video, while working with us to really step outside yourself and let it all out on camera.  Film is an amazing way to preserve information and evoke real-life emotions and we believe in the art form to the fullest extent.  

Interested in doing a video with us?  You can learn more on our About Page but we just thought we'd give you a little rundown on our mission and those that we'd like to help.  

Everyone has a story, but it's extremely difficult to tell that story on your own dime and time. It's just not as feasible.  Welp, that's where we come in...