Say It Ain't So, Amazon


The year is 2058 and four major companies run the world.  

Google. Apple. Amazon. Disney.

How did we get here?

For starters, Amazon is the greatest site I have come across in my 27 years on Earth.  Need a book? We got you.  Movie? Check.  Clothes? Comin' right up. Music? Sure. Household items? You got it.

What else could a consumer possibly ask for?  A year after taking home Oscars for Amazon's Manchester by the Sea (the saddest movie I've ever seen by the way), Amazon looked prime to continue their run with low-budget, indie films that delivered.  With successes from Manchester and The Big Sick, it felt like 2018 was the year of the indie.  For an avid movie-goer and film enthusiast, this was big news.  Low-budget films being picked up by a big player in the game and delivering on all the goods?  Count me in.

Three weeks into 2018 and it's safe to say that these days might be long gone there at ol' Amazon Studios.  In a move announced yesterday, Amazon Studios will look to distribute more mainstream films with higher budgets and a wider audience.  

Uproxx said it best: "Amazon Studios Reportedly Plans To Shift From Prestige Movies To Popcorn Flicks."

Ain't that the truth?

As a filmmaker, seeing the approach Amazon had taken to low-budget films was inspiring.  Write a good enough script, and who knows, the sky was the limit.  Now, that dream takes a slightly different form, as Amazon once again shifts their approach in the film industry.  I'm not sure how to feel about.  Is it always about the money in this world?  It sure seems like it.

I understand.

"It's a business!"

And, technically, Amazon 'never makes money' so maybe it isn't all about that.

Maybe I don't know enough.

But, it does seem a bit disheartening for those indie filmmakers and writers out there who had forged a great relationship with Amazon and their release style.  That said, the hot thing to do these days is to give a hot take, act irrationally upon giving it, and then completely fail to mention your cause ever again.  See *Twitter*.  

So, we'll sit back on this one.  There is just too much information in the world, and everyone 'up in arms' usually forgets about what they were even fighting for in the first place.  Who knows, maybe the greatest film of the 2010s will be released through Amazon this year and you'll be sitting there laughing about how wrong we were.

Art is subjective, you know.