Keep Your Friends Close


As we all have experienced at one point or another, life tends to get in the way.  I do not have children, so I’m not entirely in the loop as to what this entails just yet, but I think we all have been there at some point in our lives.  People lose touch, and we often lose our rhythm along our journey to happiness and success. Close friends that shared such a common bond for so many years might not speak for 30+ years, but the good ones seem to always pick up right where they left off.

Why do we lose touch with so many good people in our lives?  Before we know it, we realize we haven’t touched base with that good friend from high school, college, a past job, a mentor, or a former boss, and our minds begin to race.  I wonder how their life is going?  What are they up to these days?  I saw they went to the Virgin Islands on Instagram. These are only a few of the statements or questions we ask ourselves each and every day, until sometimes, we do not know where to turn.

As humans, we are all so unique, yet so similar, that it can all be difficult to comprehend. I watched an excellent movie a couple of years ago titled, The Book Thief in which a young girl who lived in Germany during WWII stole books to share with others in her community.  It was a powerful film, and I highly recommend it, but there was one moment that really caught my attention.

The narrator of the film, or the Grim Reaper as he is known by many, takes us through the film together while sharing the thoughts and fears of death with the audience.  During one scene, the Reaper talks about his relationship with humans as their undertaker and their most feared entity.   In reality, humans have haunted him after all this time, while their personalities and souls are unlike any other in this universe.  

The Reaper states, “I have seen humans at their best, and their worst, and it’s hard to believe they are one in the same.”

I love that line because it is so true.  As humans, we work everyday to achieve happiness and to become better people, friends, relatives, professionals, spouses, and so much more.  However, I believe we mistake our imperfections for failures, when really we should embrace these characteristics that make us who we are.

Life is too short to lose touch with the ones that have meant so much to you throughout the years.  I actually wrote this article after a great friend of mine was in Cincinnati on a business trip a few years back. He contacted me about a week before he stayed, asking if it would be okay if he bunked at my placefor the weekend. I couldn’t even count on my fingers the amount of times his parents had let me stay in their home, fed me like a King, and taken care of my every waking need back when we were in college.

Even if I had never stayed in their beautiful home before, my friend would be welcomed into my house with open arms.  That is just something that friends and family do.  So, be a friend to someone today, and realize that life is too short to lose touch with the people you truly care about.  

I’ve been guilty of it myself too, but who hasn’t?

Maybe it’s a weakness for some people, maybe it’s a choice.  Whatever it is, just realize we’re all flawed individuals, and that is what makes being a human so unique. Don’t waste it. We only get one chance.