PK's Movie Reviews: Vol. 3



*Spoilers Ahead*

Where do I begin?

First and foremost, Three Billboards is a fiery movie. Frances McDormand is, as always, superb. But, can a superb actress fix a sub-par film? As the movie begins, I really enjoyed it. It seemed like it was really heading somewhere. However, as time wore on, my opinions changed and I had no idea what this movie was attempting to say. It was also very difficult to feel any connection with McDormand's character and her daughter or son. One flashback the entire film? Strange choice.

Second, there are some crazy weird scenes in this that don't quite hold up, or make any sense at all. A cop throws a man out of a window, punches him in the face in the middle of the street and no one (not even the officer assigned to take over the Sheriff's duties) does a damn thing? I get it. It's trying to make a point. And, we've seen some crazy things in our days and times way before our generation. But, this one just didn't do it for me. I thought it was forced. Then, things got even weirder after this.

Rockwell is fired by the new Sheriff in town for his behavior. Due to the beloved Sheriff's suicide and his note to Rockwell about being a 'good man' (are we sure about this?) deep down, he needs to get his act together. As a flaming mazel tov cocktail nearly blows him to pieces, Rockwell runs through the flames (symbolism?) and is suddenly this changed man. Maybe, but again, it didn't seem very realistic to me. When the film ends, I remember sitting at my girlfriend's house and saying aloud "what in the *expletive*?" 

I'm all for indie films. I'm all for different ways to tell stories. I'm all for innovation and experimentation. But, is this film really as good as so many critics say it is? Art is subjective and I want to make my own movies some day, but I just don't see it. Maybe that's the beauty of it but I'm sticking with my 5/10 and telling you to skip this one. It's just not a very good movie.

PK'S SCORE: 5/10