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A Football town

As the follow-up and sister project to our 2017 documentary, A-Town Divided, we are excited to announce our upcoming film A Football Town! Join us as we journey back in time to the early beginnings of a budding township, a booming population, and the forming of the Anderson (Comets) Redskins right here in the once farming community of Anderson Township, OH.

While digging into the roots of the township juxtaposed against Anderson’s football program and its history of tradition, brotherhood, pride, controversy, and both memorable and forgetful seasons, we look to shed light on the little things that make the community and sports team what it is today.

This is my love letter to my hometown and my appreciation for the history that came before my time. My hopes are that it will open your eyes to the great stories of your own townships, the people that built and supported it, the sports teams that brought you together, and so much more.

A Football Town is coming soon to a Vimeo page near you. Stay tuned!

Sneak Peak! Check out the first 1:30 of A Football Town:

Sneak Peak 2! Watch as former head coach and assistant principal bill harris talks on legendary coach and teacher charles l. Brown

A-Town Divided


In 2007, Anderson High School faced off against Turpin High School in the OHSAA Division II Football Regional Championship game.  With the two schools located a mere 3.3 miles apart, the Anderson Township archrivals have played against one another in all team sports since 1976.  However, from 2002 until 2006, the two teams discontinued their annual football meeting, leaving much to be desired from both student athletes and members of the Cincinnati community.

After the 2006 season, Anderson's male attendance numbers decreased, and the school dropped to a Division II class football team according to the OHSAA.  Turpin, coming off one of their best years in school history with a trip to the OHSAA Final Four in 2006, was primed to defend their Final Four run and compete for a Division II State Title. 

After being picked to go 5-5 from several experts around town, Anderson was predicted to finish the season as an average football team. However, after finishing the season 8-2 and claiming an outright FAVC Buckeye Title, the Redskins marched their way into the state playoffs looking to win their first football playoff game since 1992.  Turpin, claiming a FAVC Cardinal title, finished the season 10-0 and advanced to beat Winton Woods and Trotwood-Madison before facing the Redskins at Princeton Stadium on November 16th, 2007.  

In the biggest game in the township's history, a hard-hitting, ferocious neighborhood rivalry unfolded.

With its 10-year anniversary quickly approaching, for both the Regional Final and the State Title games, our film centers around the pageantry and intensity that is the Anderson vs. Turpin rivalry.  On a wild night at Princeton Stadium, friends (both former and current), colleagues, peers, and coaching trees came together for one of the greatest, and most memorable games in the state's history.

In our upcoming film, A-Town Divided, we celebrate the privilege both teams shared playing in that special game back in 2007.